Gambling for living: pros and cons

Those who want to make gambling their profession should have clear idea regarding the pros and cons of gambling for living. Play an interesting game and earn regular income from the same is indeed a great idea. Enthusiastic gamblers will certainly come forward to take up gambling as profession to make their livelihood. There are many gamblers who had accepted it as their profession and with the money they earn from gambling they lead enjoyable life. Those who really want to take up professional gambling must be well aware of the advantages and disadvantages of gambling for living.


1. Getting paid for playing your favorite game.

This may be perhaps the most exciting aspect. A person likes betting games very much and he enjoys playing the gambling game. So, he is always eager to play the game. When he plays the game he is paid for that also. One of the most exciting experiences in our life is to earn money by doing what we love to do. However, since one has to make an earning out of the game, just enjoy playing the game is not enough. He must be result-oriented and should ensure that he is consistently benefited from the game. The professional gambler must have the right temperament and also make sure playing only at the best payout online casinos.

2. Freedom to choose one’s destiny

Those who earn their livelihood by playing gambling need not adjust for others. The professional gambler can go for betting when he desires. Others cannot control him. He decides when to play, what to play and how to play. If he wants to be away from gambling for a day or two, he can very well decide so. Nobody can insist him to play. Their finances and playing skills are their only limits.

3. You are under nobody

A gambler who bets for his living is independent and is not under the control of any other person. Nobody can question him or scold him.

4. Professional gambler will be admired by the society

Professional gamblers are respected by the society. Other members of the society who know that a successful gambler requires self-discipline and a lot of skills always admire them and encourage them. It is true that there are two types of people in the society – those who admire gambling and those who have hatred towards gambling. The professional gambler can easily get along with those who admire gambling.

5. Gambling promotes happiness and positive attitude

Gambling is very effective in boosting mood and maintaining happiness. Professional gamblers get a lot of excitement from the game which is crucial for their physical and mental health.


1. Professional gamblers without sufficient resources may go bankrupt

In all types of gambling, the player’s bankroll must be sufficiently loaded. The gambler should ensure that even if things go against him in the game he won’t go bankrupt. We hear stories of Sports betters, poker players and Blackjack players who suffer heavy losses and become bankrupt. Hence a sufficiently loaded bankroll is very essential for the professional gambler, irrespective of the type of gambling he opts for.

2. May have to play with shady characters also

The professional gambler has no assurance that he will play only with respected and dignified people. Professional gamblers will come across with shady characters also on the betting table. It is impossible to get nice people always to play with. The shady characters also will not be the most unsavory type always. It is advisable to avoid playing with people who are in the hard drugs business.

3. Professional gambler will be subjected to social pressure

Those who gamble for living cannot succeed unless they overcome social pressure upon them. Parents or life-partners may not understand the dreams and aspirations of the professional gambler. He may find the going tough but, he has to march ahead.

4. Addiction problem

Many people disapprove professional gambling because it can be too addictive. It is a fact that gamblers get addicted. But, only a small percentage of gamblers develop addiction. The addiction may cause severe problems in one’s life.


Professional gamblers who play responsibly are sure to find it exciting and also they can make it a lucrative game. The real benefits of gambling for living cannot be ignored. Apart from development of happiness and personal skills, professional gamblers who stick to their bank-roll and ensure limited spending will make it a good pastime and a reliable way to earn money.

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