Raising popularity of Bitcoin gambling

Bitcoin is obviously the most popular crypto currency today and is also expensive. Today, most of the online casinos accept Bitcoins not only for deposits and withdrawals but also for gambling games. As a result of acceptance of Bitcoins by majority of the popular casinos, Bitcoin will soon be the standard for online gambling in general. In spite of the aversion by a few gamblers towards crypto currency, crypto currency in general and Bitcoins in particular continue to gain popularity at a great speed. Cash can no more be at the helm of online gambling. It is a fact that now most of the online gamblers prefer crypto gambling. Consequently, online casinos are becoming crypto casinos. We must understand that various factors contribute towards making Bitcoin gambling extremely popular.

What are the reasons for the increasing popularity of Bitcoin gambling?

1. Very easy and time-saving

The gamers find it quite easy and simple to deposit and withdraw Bitcoins. Even with the popular online casinos, gamblers were finding the process very complicated and time-consuming.  When gamblers make payment to online casinos by bank transfer or credit card purchase, the process takes a few days to be completed. In most of the cases the banks or other financial institutions are responsible for such delays and we can’t blame the online casinos. However, online casinos were desperately searching for a permanent solution to this problem so as to ensure more efficient service to their customers. They found Bitcoins the best and the most advanced means to ensure quick and easy money transactions. Bitcoins enable deposits and withdrawals in minutes. Online casinos found Bitcoin transactions efficient, fast and free of stress.

Similarly, when gamblers use Bitcoins they find making payments and receiving funds faster and easier. When transactions are made using Bitcoins the users are assured of control over their assets at all times.

2. Bitcoins ensure better safety of funds

When compared to gambling in traditional gambling sites, users find that their experience with crypto gambling casinos is much more amazing. The gamers are assured of the safety of their funds. Those who deal with different online casinos can keep their identity 100% confidential when they gamble using Bitcoins. In the traditional methods, details pertaining to bank accounts and credit cards of the users were vulnerable to stealing. Scammers used various methods to extract usernames and passwords of players. All such security risks are effectively prevented by Bitcoins.

3. No jurisdictional restrictions thanks to Bitcoins

Those who use bank accounts or credit cards for online gambling will come across geo-location jurisdictions. Playing casino games using real money is banned at several parts of the world. By way of using crypto currency such as Bitcoin, players can easily avoid such restrictions. Bitcoins enable gamblers the world over to remit and receive funds without depending on dictatorial governments or unreliable agencies.

4. Liberal Incentives

Bitcoins users are able to make profit consistently. Those who deposit Bitcoins when the Bitcoin price is lower will be able to withdraw more amount within a few days as a result of increase in Bitcoin price. Another interesting aspect is that most of the online casinos offer loyalty bonuses to existing members and welcome bonuses to new members. So, those who sign up with these casinos can take advantage of these attractive bonuses.


Most of the online casinos have started to accept Bitcoins or will soon start to accept Bitcoins from members. Digital currencies including Bitcoins are now widely used in most of the countries the world over. Today, Bitcoin rules the world of casinos today and the introduction of Bitcoin helped revolutionize the entire casino industry.

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